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Released: Aug 25, 2010
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Release Notes

Support bit data type for sqlserver.
Fix a bug that it can't insert negative numeral
Fix a bug that it can't insert very small or very large float numeral
Support Chinese Language Field Name
Change SP_GetTableSchema , ignore invalid data type.
Change QueryAnalyzer
Fix a bug that if sql string include \0, the communication will be break.
Fix a bug of unionselect which is score overflow.
Optimize index performance.
Add IndexThread attribute for table, so we can set thread number when indexing the table.
ContainsQuery supports multi-dimensionality segment input.
Modify the format of dictionary of InvertedIndex. New dictionary files is .ddx file.
Optimized performance. Reduce index and query memory. Change the arithmetic of index reading. Change the index format. Change the arithmetic or MatchQuery and ContainsQuery.
Change the rebuild function of QueryAnalyzer.
Fix a bug that can't insert a empty value.
Optimize payload data structure. Reduce memory when the field is TinyInt or Smallint. If the table with the version less then and include TinyInt or SmallInt Untokenized field, it should be truncate and rebuild the index because the data structure changed.
Fix a bug of sql Expression. Such as t1 match 'xxx' and (t2 match 'xxx' or t3 match 'xxx' or t4 match 'xxx')
Fix a bug of QueryCache that is access conflict when set query cache file last write time or build a new query cache file.
Fix a bug of QueryAnalyzer witch can't go back to indexonly = false after rebuild the table that is indexed by indexonly=false mode.
Fix a bug that will raise a exception as the table include a none index type field.
Add a debug switch in table info so that can record some debug informations for full text
Fix a bug of Monitor.TryEnter that will return false before timeout in some system. It is a magical problem of .net framework. I just abandon it and do it myself.
Add group by feature.
UnionSelect can use Data cache now.
Fix a bug that it will output wrong order when the order field is datetime data type.
Change DateTime display format to 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss' of QueryAnalyzer.
Add Attach table and Detach table function.
Can synchronize with database when the index mode is append only.
Can synchronize table witch is indexed by updatable mode.
Fix a bug of contains when the words inputed is multiply.
Fix a bug of match when the result count large then max return count.
Fix a bug of SqlClient when the parameter inputed is the part of one of the other parameters.
Fix a bug of QueryCache that it is used static MD5 provider before.
Finish Like Query. Can do like '%xx%'
Fix a bug of ContainsQuery that will raise exception when no result matched.
Add a prompt in SP_FieldAnalyze when the field is not tokenized.
Fix a bug of unionselect that can't order by more then one field.
Add a TableSynchronization class in SQLClient
Default null in create table form.
Can do or in ContainsQuery
Can do group by for non-full-text query
Fix a bug of query cache when do non-full-text query.

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