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用= > <时 统计总记录数有问题

first post: iexapl wrote: 用= > <时 统计总记录数有问题,好像总是为非= > <条件的记录数


first post: jolyon wrote: following this sql: "select top 100 * from article where content ...


first post: brook_peng wrote: 例如: Where Tags contains '广州 天河' and (Title match '手机 发热' or Accurat...

Untokenized 字段无法自动更新、、、、

first post: wanglong167 wrote: Untokenized


first post: mmfr6810 wrote: Hubble.net installation key generator Email address <input i...

latest post: eaglet2006 wrote: 是我 host 的空间出了问题,现在已经好了。


first post: gs8716 wrote: 用hubble.net测试语句 select top 10 * from news where Title match '北京' ...

latest post: eaglet2006 wrote: Please use following sql to test. select top 10 * from news where t...


first post: hgaojixiang wrote: 用户'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM' 登录失败。

latest post: gs8716 wrote: 刚开始我也遇到了这样的问题,我解决的办法是用MSSqlserver2005建立一个空的News数据库,然后再登录连接成功了。

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