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Upgrade Instruction

HubbleDotNet is an open source project. One feature of open source project is faster response and upgrade of new functionality. It is quite often to require upgrade. This article will introduce how to upgrade Hubble.Net. First step, let's list the components included in HubbleDotNet.

Component List


This is windows service. Its only reponse is to start hubbletask when windows service starts, and close it when windows service closes.


HubbleTask.exe is host process. You can run without running hubbleService, but this HubbleTask.exe. This program will listen to TCP port, accept client's query request, execute and return results to sql client.


This is Hubble.Net core algorithm library. All algorithms for search and index are provided by this library.


This is platform library, it provides some public classes and methods.


This library defines interface for phraser. It also provides some embeded phrasers.


This is sql client library. Its function is similar to System.Data.Sqlclient.


This program is query analyzer provied by It provides graphicized management and query function.

Upgrade Steps:

1. Build Source Code

Download latest code from codeplex.

Code in Source Code Tab

Open Hubble.Net.sln file by VS.Net 2008

Build Solution

Note: In order to get better performance, we suggest to do a release build.

If you do a debug build, it will give following error:

Error 3: Unsafe code will only used under /unsafe compile..

We didn't tick unsafe option in debug configuraton.

2. Stop Service

Stop service in Windows Service.

3. Replace existing components.

Copy all files to Program Files/, except HubbleService.exe.

You will probably need to update DLL files that are copied by your applications.

4. Start Service

Start Service in Windows Services.

5. Verify Upgrade

Open QueryAnalyzer, Choose About in menu.

It will display current versions for client component and server components.



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