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The database in HubbleDotNet is only a logical concept. We use this conecpt to manage a group of data tables. There is not a real entity called database in HubbleDotNet. "Database" in HubbleDotNet is like a management group for data tables. A data table in HubbleDotNet must belong to a Database, and inherits all public properties by default.
For the details about Database and data tables, please read [Database and Data Table]

Create database via GUI tool

HubbleDotNet provides Query Analyzer. User can use this tool to generate database.

Log onto Query Analyzer

Run Query Analyzer. Type server IP address on log in dialog

Create database

Right Click on server node, and choose "Create Database"

In Create Database Dialog, we need to give database name, directory to save index file, relational database adapter and connection string

The directory to save index file will also have configure files, cache files, etc

For data adapter, please read "Data Adapter" Section

Connection string will be used to connect to relational database. You can test the connection by "Test DB Connection String" button.

When you finish above operation, and click "Create" button. A new database is created in HubbleDotNet, and it will appear on Query Analyzer.

Create database via SQL

You can use following SQL to create a database

		exec sp_adddatabase 'News', 
				'Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=News;Integrated Security=True';
 First Argument is database name

Second argument is default directory for index files

Third argument is the relational database adapter

Fourth argument is the connection string

Click Excute button to run above SQL


Right click on server node, and choose "Refresh". You can see the new database under server node

Delete Database


Delete from GUI

User must delete all tables in a database before they can delete database itself.

To delete database via GUI, just right click on database node and choose "Drop Database"

Delete Database via SQL


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