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Released: Feb 22, 2011
Updated: Feb 22, 2011 by eaglet2006
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Release Notes

  • Add Sqlite3 DBAdapter
  • Add App Report when Query Cache is Collecting.
  • Improve the performance of index through Synchronize.
  • Add top 0 feature so that we can only get count of the result.
  • Improve the score calculating algorithm of match. Let the score of the record that match all items large then others.
  • Add MySql DBAdapter
  • Improve performance for multi-fields sort .
  • Using hash table to access the Payload data. The version before used bin search.
  • Using heap sort instead of quick sort.
  • Optimize performance of sort of result.
  • Add Enable mirror property on table info.
  • Add mirror table feature
  • Add task scheduler feature this version.
  • Improve SynchronizeCanUpdate performance when update tokenized fields.
  • Add Drop table right on QueryAnalyzer.
  • Add try catch on MonitorThread.
  • Add UnhandledException catch on HubbleTask
  • Monitor hang query.
  • Solve the problem of data cache clear frequently.
  • Disable store query cache to file temporarily until I fix the problem of it.
  • Add thread monitor feature.
  • Add a OptimizeOption that is OptimizeOption.None for TableSynchronization.
  • Add a exception when order by none index fields with score or docid.
  • Modify sql trace. Add same informations.
  • Add SqlTrace feature
  • Add Union Attribute
  • Add Distinct Attribute
  • Add NotIn Attribute
  • Deal with Too many connects on server error.
  • Add SP_ResetCache
  • Add ResetDataCacheAfterTimeout to HubbleCommand
  • Can do batch update. And increase the performance for SynchronizeCanUpdate.
  • Optimize the performance of index.
  • Finish user Authentication function.
  • Finish user management.
  • Add user function
  • Modify like algorithm.
  • Improve the performance of GroupBy.
  • Improve algorithm of match query. Predict match count.
  • Modify the algorithm of match query. The new algorithm is 5 times faster then old algorithm when multiple word searched and order by score desc.
  • Leave old algorithm of match query and named match1.
  • Change QueryAnalyzer. This version can do rebuild with rebuild whole table option checked at Updatable index mode.

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