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Project Description
HubbleDotNet ( is an open-source full-text search database project based on .Net Framework. Full-text search database system different from the tradition relational database system, which allows users to easily search the full text information, but it also provides a database field in the logical query. At present some of the major databases provide full-text search function, but there full-text search function is relatively weak, can not be well positioned to meet the practical application needs, and some full-text search components, such as the more well-known “Lucene”, only provides the full-text search function, while the lack of linking with the relational database. is one of the new database system that can unite full-text search and relational query. Users can easily do full-text search, relationship query even relationship query plus full-text search through SQL. provides a SQL-based full-text search interface, users only need to operate SQL, can quickly learn how to use full-text search. can achieve full-text indexing and querying, multi-field searching and sorting, grouping statistics, distinct, classification, clustering, multi-table queries, and other a series of full-text search and data mining features. provides a database adapter interface and can be the perfect integration of various databases for data mining and full-text search features. designed a more perfect concurrency control procedures, data additions, deletions, updating or query can be executed as multi-threading without any conflict. also providers the cache and memory management is designed to help users to maximize the improvement of query efficiency. In the next few years, I think will be the most popular full-text search component in .Net development environment.

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  • 19 Mar 2012 - Released HubbleDotNet
  • 22 Feb 2011- Released HubbleDotNet
  • 25 Aug 2010 - Released HubbleDotNet0.9.6.0
  • 03 May 2010 - Released HubbleDotNet
  • 18 December 2009 - Released HubbleDotNet
  • 14 December 2009 - Released HubbleDotNet
  • 30 November 2009 - Released HubbleDotNet


  • Index
  • Search
  • Delete
  • Update
  • SQL-based SQLClient interface
  • Index-level cache
  • Query-level cache
  • Data-level cache
  • Multi-field sorting
  • Concurrency control
  • Queries combinate Full-text and metadata
  • Keyword rank specified
  • Field rank specified
  • Record rank specified
  • Index optimization
  • Custom analyzer
  • Custom database adapter
  • System Stored Procedures
  • Query Analyzer



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